The History of Graves A/C Services LLC


Graves A/C Services, LLC was founded on May 26th, 2006 in Tulsa, Oklahoma by their owner Owen Graves and his wife Shawna. Owen first started working in the HVAC industry in 1993, graduating from the Climate Control Institute, is EPA certified, and a state-licensed mechanical contractor. They are a licensed, bonded, and insured mom and pop company, offering free estimates, military discounts, and low price financing options for low-income families to ensure the comfort of their clients.

Owen’s favorite part about being the owner of an HVAC contracting company is having the opportunity to personally engage with his clients and bring them happiness through comfort and honest pricing! As a family man, and a technician with over 28 years of hands-on experience under his belt, he understands the importance of keeping your family comfortable and is proud of his vow to treat his clients with the utmost respect and hospitality!